In the Arabian Desert toward
Babylonia they use the word
of Massa as a “LIFTING UP”.                                                   
In French, and Latin, Massa                                              
also comes from the Arabic                                            
word meaning “to stroke, to
feel to handle"     

From Charles A Bray's The History of Massa                                                                 
Sutra (Sanskrit) [from siv to sew]:
A string, thread; the sutras are strings of rules
or aphorisms written in serve form, composed
in  terse   and  symbolic   language  with  the
obvious intention of their being  committed to
memory.   This was a favorite form among the
Hindus,  as  among  all  ancient  peoples,  of
imbodying and transmitting rules of ancient
religious and philosophic thought.

Definition of  Sutra is extracted from the home page of The
Theosophical Society, A Society founded in 1875 in  an effort
to promote the expressed awareness of the Oneness of Life.
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